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YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps offers single gender, long term programs that are proven to have a lasting and positive influence on the lives of our campers. Join the generations of families who have sent their children to a YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha camp! Learn our values and traditions, experience the fun and adventure, and create memories that last a lifetime. Both camps are located near Traverse City, Michigan.

Our camps offer challenging wilderness adventure programs for each age level. Hiking, canoeing, biking, kayaking and sailing take place at beautiful locations in Northern Michigan, Alaska and Canada. On-site activities include sailing, archery, crafts, canoeing, swimming, climbing towers, ropes course and drama as well as sports, campfires and skits. In addition, a fine horse riding program is offered at the Girls' Camp and SCUBA is offered at the Boys' Camp.

Visit us at http://www.hayowentha.org!